Feedback for Carol:

Carol is a beautiful person, who derives great pleasure in helping others. She is a very intelligent and attentive listener. She is excellent at understanding your situation, and helps you to focus on what is most important in your life. She helped me enormously by drawing up a plan that eliminated a number of obstacles, and helped me identify the path to achieve my personal and professional goals. She is a real pleasure to know and so easy to work with. It was serious but still great fun. – SB

I could not be more grateful for the support Carol has given me during this tough transitional time in my life. Unfortunately, it seemed to be every area of my life too….from family, to relationship to my career. Carol remained constant throughout this time, a rock to my emotions helping me understand, survive and believe that I was not the only person feeling and or having such strife. Carol graciously and generously offered her time to help me create a road map to a positive outcome. Always showing me light at the end of the tunnel. Providing me with the tools to help re-build me and giving me the space to get back on my feet. Carol always listened….and even after overcoming a problem, I was thankful that Carol was still there, staying in touch as if she was my silent cheerleader. I love Carol for all the things that I believe to truly represent me and that is being a woman, a strong woman that is a survivor of Life. Thank you CarolP my angel. – AD

For me, the best part of working with Carol P. is that no matter how many things I have going on, she is able to look at the big picture as well as all the small parts. When things become overwhelming, she has the ability to help you get things accomplished. What starts off as too much, becomes much more manageable. Talking with her is like talking to a friend. – LJ

Feedback for Patricia:

Patricia is a highly effective coach who helped me identify, prioritize and develop a plan to reach my personal goals. She is an empathetic listener with patience, clarity and focus. She has a loving heart and a passion for growth. I recommend Patricia as a coach to anyone who wants assistance, and a plan, to realize their own potential. – E.S.

Patricia has a welcoming presence and cheerful demeanor that brings a sense of calm to the coaching experience. She is an active listener allowing the client to think around an issue; and she is able to ask poignant questions that invoke new ideas of thought around a topic. Patricia was able to help me think differently around the topics we discussed, which opened the door for new solutions and new ways to approach situations.  Patricia helped me formulate ideas around my business, the services I offer, and marketing. She also helped me reframe my approach to frequent travel obligations.  РJ.R.

Patricia is patient, an excellent listener and a compassionate coach. Patricia asked good questions to keep me focused on my goals. She was flexible in her style and established trust early. Patricia was open, warm, and thoughtful in her approach. – R.G.

Patricia is deeply connected in presence and knows the right questions to ask. She came across as very wise with a great deal of life experience in areas that I am interested, so she was able to support me greatly. I found powerful questions and empathy skills to be on point. Patricia has a unique set of skills as a coach because of her life experience which I have not seen replicated by anyone else, nor could it. I was able to navigate turbulent life transitions and strong emotions whilst going through personal and spiritual growth challenges. I found Patricia to be extremely supportive. I was able to reflect on deep topics that I could not do with any other coach.  РC.H.