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  • Identify your true self and your purpose?
  • Feel more confidence and connection?
  • Manifest your dreams?
  • Embrace a safe and confidential space to boldly explore your greatness within?
  • Follow through and get the important things done?
  • Make gratitude a daily practice?
  • Learn to set and honor boundaries?
  • Go from being your best critic to your best cheerleader?

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Our mission is to help you focus on what you love, value and want from your life. Whether personal or professional, we will help you identify goals and dreams and we will hold you accountable to manifest those goals you believe are impossible.

 Serving our clients is our #1 goal. Our coaching approach is customized to the individual, group, workshops, or through employer collaborative professional development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Provide a safe and confidential environment in which you can relax and have quiet time to look inside and identify your passion and goals for you to have the best life possible;
2. Provide resources to you and/or homework and skills for your journey to be your best self;
3. Listen carefully, with compassion, without judgment, to your story.
4. Provide honest feedback, direct conversation and provide you the dedicated time in your daily life that is solely about you.
5. Be a collaborative partner in bringing out the best, true to self, consciousness to you.
6. Help expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights.
7. Provide ongoing resources to you in accomplishing your goals.

Please contact us via phone or email so we can schedule our initial session to explore the details of the coaching relationship.

Our initial session is a ‘meet and greet’ with no fee so you can have a sample coaching experience. Until then, please click on our BIO page to learn more about us and our approach to coaching.

Yes, there is a code of ethics, core competencies, accreditation processes and an International Coach Federation (industry association) that promotes the advancement of coaches. To learn more about this, click here

We ask for 3 session commitment with the first session of no cost to you. If, after the 3rd session, you feel coaching is not for you, we will cancel any ongoing agreement. We allow plenty of time for your session and should you be a ‘no show’ for a session, money will not be refunded for the missed session.

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The Meaning Behind the Hummingbird and Columbine

A hummingbird’s wings beat up to eighty times per second. They can rotate in a complete circle, allowing it to hover in mid-air, fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways and even upside-down.

The laws of physics say it should be impossible for the hummingbird to fly.

Clearly nobody told the hummingbird.

From The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rick Litvin

The Columbine Flower’s Message Is:

Wherever your journey takes you stay steadfast in your faith, love and friendships. Believe in things that are not yet seen.