Why We Coach | Life Coaching Sedona | Sedona, AZ
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Why are we passionate about coaching?

We want to share what we’ve learned through coaching, ask bold questions in a safe and confidential environment and WITNESS YOUR transition to the life YOU want to LIVE.

Carol’s statement

Coaching liberates us from obstacles standing in our way to happiness. As individuals, as well as leaders, we make our life journey and rise to our positions on a specific set of values and traits. Over time, dealing with problem resolution, pressures in our personal and professional lives, our performance can suffer or there is a void inside. Coaching gives us the confidence we need for ourselves and others to achieve the success and happiness we’ve have been searching for, in a confidential setting.

Everyone needs a confidante who can hear their struggles without judgment, help them explore and be bold, and develop a future plan removing barriers. That is why I am passionate about being a Life Coach. Supporting and assisting others in their journey and exploration, finding clarity and HOPE for the future, is very fulfilling to me personally as well as professionally. The WOW! moments of those discoveries and the ability to be a part of the celebration, is what makes this career the one for me.

Patricia’s statement

Coaching is an answer for each of us who wants to live a balanced, happy life in a world that is moving so fast and is so complex that overwhelm and depletion are commonplace.  Whether it is a personal goal or professional, coaching helps us gain clarity and balance. Time with a coach helps us tap into our joy and our inner wisdom to move forward in our daily lives with grace, step-by-step creating the life we want to live.  It gives me great joy when I see my clients discover an ‘aha’, a new insight into themselves which brings enthusiasm and renewal.  And I absolutely love it when I experience this as I work with my coach.  I invite you to experience a complimentary coaching session and see what you discover about yourself.